Service Termination Notice

Dear Players,
We would like to thank all our players who have support Alteil NEO.

Altail NEO has been played by many users since the service started on 25th October, 2018, however we decided that the game will end the service at 29th November 2019 5:00pm.

The business is in a difficult situation now, and we have worked hard to improve to continue the service. However it is still very difficult, so unfortunately we decided to terminate the service.

This is the end of Altail NEO, but we wish to make an effort to reinstate it as another form of “Altail”. We really appriciate to the customers who have supported us until the end.

The rest is a short period, but please continue to enjoy Altail NEO.

About sales of billing items:

October 30, 2019 (Wednesday) 3:00 PM "Beryl" has been discontinued.

* "4th Lavart Grand Prix - Legrye Cup" will be held as planned and prizes will be awarded.

* Any new card packs will not be released.