Today, we will be giving our report on the "Lavart Grand Prix 2019 Allind Cup", the offline event that was held on August 24th, 2019 at "e-sports SQUARE AKIHABARA" in Akihabara, Tokyo.


Who took the champion's throne at the third Alteil NEO grand prix!?
Let's take a look back on the final tournament between the 4 elite players who passed the selection matches!


The MC hosting our event this time was DJ.O N I G I R I (left), who was also the MC for the previous tournament. As always, he did an incredible job livening up the audience with his animated personality.

We also had some new members joining us as the commentators for the Allind Cup! Up until now, GM Ritsugenji and GM Crossover served as our commentators, but this time, we had some young, fresh faces taking over their roles!
GM Namekuji (center), our "childhood friend", was in charge of the live coverage of the event! He certainly did not fail to show us his quirky personality as a designer.
"Alneoman 2" (right), who suddenly made his appearance during the portion of the live broadcast before the event, was put in charge of the in-match commentary! He used his in-depth knowledge of Alteil NEO and presented the audience with easy-to-understand explanations throughout the matches.

* GM Ritsugenji hosted the interviews and GM Cross worked hard as one of the regular staff.



We also set up a merchandise booth again for this tournament.


One of the new items available was a tapestry that came in 2 designs.
The designs featured the following alternate card artwork: "Swimsuit Noze" and "Bridal Myconida". These tapestries come in the perfect size for hanging up. They are also my personal favorites out of the merchandise that was available.
We also had new portable phone chargers featuring "Swimsuit Shecas", "Swimsuit Noze" and "Swimsuit Yudit".
Of course, the new merchandise will be added to the official online shop soon as well, so please look forward to it!




During the event, we had an exclusive, early reveal of a few cards from the new card pack, "Valiant Heroes vol. 2".
Alneoman 2 presented 5 of the cards in this pack to everyone, and explained how to use them.


He started off by presenting the featured card for this pack, "Dragoneye「Ainhazard」"! Yes, the Beltorat Kingdom is finally coming to Alteil Neo!
Along with King Ainhazard, we revealed 4 other Gowen cards, also characters from the Beltorat Kingdom.
* "Valiant Heroes vol. 2 Eye of the Dragon" will be available on August 30th.



The 4 finalists, "Hinadori Rimu", "Petal", "Nia" and "Faaria" battled fiercely at the tournament.
Thanks to our mighty contestants, the grand prix really lived up to its name.

The contestants entered the stage as DJ. O N I G I R I called out their names. You could feel the crowd's excitement right from the start!


・ "Hinadori Rimu" (2nd from the left), our defending champion aiming for his 3rd title in a row.
・ "Petal" (center), our "silent card reviewer", and the only one from the BP rankings.
・ "Nia" (2nd from the right), eagerly waiting to make a comeback from his loss at the Zu-jyuva Cup.
・ "Faaria" (right), who has come back to us flying in like a comet.


The tournament rules are as shown in the image above.
* These rules were established to determine the victor of a match in the special case of a draw.



For the first semi-final match, we had "Hinadori Rimu" (left) vs "Petal" (right).
Hinadori Rimu chose a Lawtia control deck that included "Demon of Pride「Lucifer」" and Lycanthrope units, a unique deck that he modified for the Lavart Grand Prix. Petal chose a "large-type" Lawtia deck built around "Last Resort「Gaieshart」" and "Shadow Dragon「Gaetano」".

Both players start with high initial LP and begin the match by keeping a tight management on each other's SP.
Early on in the battle, while Petal is still building up his SP, Hinadori Rimu successfully places his Lucifer onto the field.
Hinadori Rimu attempts to seize control over the battle with this move... But this is thwarted by Petal, who responds by bringing out Gaieshart, and then following up with "Shadow Hawk「Georg」", sending Lucifer to the Cemetery without even giving it a chance to act.
But just when Petal manages to gain a clear advantage over his opponent, Hinadori Rimu retaliates by unleashing "Lycanthrope/Astaroth".
And on the next turn...
Hinadori Rimu decides to use "Sacrifice", while Petal uses "Punishment Hole". It is at this very moment that the outcome of the match was decided.
Punishment Hole activates first. And then Sacrifice, closing Petal's Gaieshart.
Both players have a unit removed from the battlefield, and the turn continues into the action phase. The battle time is "Night". Remaining on the battlefield is Astaroth and 3 closed units.
Then, Astaroth's auto skill, "Recurring Death Dream" activates, and even though there's a 1/3 chance of success, Hinadori Rimu manages to send Gaieshart to the Cemetery.
If Punishment Hole had not been the first to activate, Gaieshart would still be active, so in a way, it was really like a 1/6 chance of success. As expected from the defending champion. It's at times like these when it becomes clear just how powerful of a player he is.
Petal plans to reverse the situation on the next turn with Gaetano, but it gets sent to the Cemetery due to Hinadori Rimu's "Merciless Death", which he is able to bring out thanks to his great SP management.
Petal remains determined, building up his SP and setting Gaetano for a second time. However, Hinadori Rimu, who already has "Ruler of Crest「Eskatia」" out on his field, brings out "Lycanthrope/Janus" as well.
Gaetano is then closed after receiving damage from Janus' close skill, "Strangling Hand" and auto skill, "Pursuing Hand", and once again, Petal is put at an incredible disadvantage.
Gaetano is then sent to the Cemetery with Astaroth's auto skill, "Recurring Death Dream", and with no way of coming back, Petal reluctantly forfeits the match on the next turn.

And thus, the winner of the match was Hinadori Rimu!



In the second match of the semi-finals, Nia (left) faced off against Faaria (right).
Nia chose a "medium-type" Falkow deck built around "Chaos General「Shecas」", and Faaria chose a "medium-type" Lawtia deck that features a play-style of first bringing out "Maiden of Spirits「Soomin」", and then following up with strong Lawtia units.

The match begins with both players launching fierce attacks at one another.
Faaria starts by bringing out Soomin. Nia counters with Shecas. Then Faaria responds by using "Night Assassin「Marchare」". The match was off to an intense start, with both players seemingly able to read each other's moves.
Fast-forwarding to turn 7, Faaria is planning to allow Marchare to be closed so that he can activate his second shield, "Cursed Scythe of Soul-severing". However, Nia anticipates this, and takes the initiative, allowing Shecas to be removed and activating his own shield. His first shield, "Descent of the Phoenix", prevents Cursed Scythe from activating, serving as the perfect block.
Unfortunately, Nia brings out Marchare once again, and defeats Soomin. He then continues his assault by using "Dark Virtuoso「Rutina」" to activate his fourth shield, "Return to Nature"! And with this, Faaria instantly gains the advantage.
On turn 14, there are no cards remaining on the battlefield, and each player only has 1 shield remaining.
Nia brings out "The Impregnable「Aspida」" and Faaria brings out "Wandering Princess「Bianca」".
After this, Nia adds "Maiden of Folly「Eternis」" to his forces, while Faaria boosts his own with "Maiden of Retrospection「Aille」".
Both players make their final preparations as the battle approaches its climax.
At this point, Faaria has the upper hand in terms of speed.
He uses "Child Android「Gerta」" and Aille to increase Bianca's stats and prepares to take down Aspida. However... He then makes a grave error. He accidentally taps and selects Bianca's action skill, "Princess in the Shadows", perhaps due to his nervousness.
He fails to take down Aspida, and Bianca ends up getting defeated instead, despite its enhanced stats.
On the next turn, Nia targets Bianca, Gerta and Aille, one by one, and Faaria, with no way of fighting back, forfeits the match.

And Nia was the winner of this match!

And thus, the remaining matchups were decided. The third place match would be between Petal and Faaria, and the final match would be between Hinadori Rimu and Nia.



After the break, Petal (left) and Faaria (right), who had lost in the semi-finals, faced off against each other in the battle for 3rd place.
Petal used his "Shrine Knights & Len" deck, which focuses on a strategy of placing "5th Shrine Leader「Judie」" and "Singer of Reflection「Kagamine Len」" out onto the field first. Faaria stuck with the same deck he used in the semi-finals, his "medium-type" Lawtia deck, which features a play-style of first bringing out "Maiden of Spirits「Soomin」", and then following up with strong Lawtia units.

Petal plans to start off by building up his offense with his Judie and Len combination. With the upper hand in speed, Judie easily defeats Soomin. Faaria immediately responds by removing Soomin, activating his first shield, "Descent of the Phoenix". He combos this with "Night Assassin「Marchare」", and nearly clears out Petal's side of the battlefield.
Petal had predicted this, and uses "Cait Sith" to increase Len's level to protect it.
However, he is unable to take back control of the field from Marchare with Len, so he adds "2nd Shrine Leader「Shathia」" to his front line before going on the offensive.
On turn 5, Petal attempts to use "Talisman of Disruption" to prevent Faaria's shield from activating.
But because Cait Sith's skill raised the level of "Will o' the Wisp" from 1 to 2 before it was closed, "Talisman of Disruption" does not affect it. And so, Faaria's shield, "Cursed Scythe of Soul-severing" activates, defeating Shathia.
And after "Descent of the Phoenix" and "Hell's Coffin" activate, Petal's battle area is completely swept clean.
Petal tries to find a way to reverse the situation, but Faaria's onslaught was unrelenting. Faaria refused to give up his advantage, leaving no opening for Petal to make his move.
On turn 8, seeing no way of winning, Petal forfeits the match.
And just like in the second match of the semi-finals, a single mistake determined the outcome of this match.

And third place goes to Faaria!



The final match for the champion title of the 3rd Alteil Neo grand prix was between Hinadori Rimu (left) and Nia (right).

Hinadori Rimu used a "large-type" Lawtia deck with a play-style that begins the match with "Maiden of Spirits「Soomin」". Nia used his "medium-type" Falkow deck featuring "Chaos General「Shecas」", the same deck he used in the semi-finals. It looked like both competitors chose their most trusted decks for the final battle.

As the final match begins, Hinadori Rimu starts out by bringing out Soomin, and Nia counters with Shecas.
On the next turn, without hesitation, Hinadori Rimu sets "Dark Virtuoso「Rutina」" and activates his shield, "Cursed Scythe of Soul-severing", defeating Shecas. A really strong move from the start of the battle.
Nia starts out attempting to bring out several Level 1 units so that he can activate his shields, while building up his SP at the same time. However, several turns later, the perfect timing of "Punishment Hole" on Hinadori Rimu's part ruins his plan. The following turn, Hinadori Rimu sets "Night Assassin「Marchare」", and continues his assault.
But with his "Agonizing Guilt" and Shecas combo, Nia achieves the advantage both on the battlefield and in terms of SP.
Hinadori Rimu remains unfazed, removing Marchare and defeating Shecas with his own combo, "Mist of Stray" + "Mirror of Water". He then connects with "Night Singer「Miandela」" and "Killing Machine「LeBeau」", regaining his advantage over the battle.
Nia responds by bringing out "The Impregnable「Aspida」", building his defense.
On turn 14, Hinadori Rimu brings out Last Resort「Gaieshart」.
Because of Gaieshart's text skill, "Infernal King of Fear", it is immune to skill effects that return cards to their deck, making him a particularly formidable foe for players using a Falkow deck.
Nia, who has decided that Aspida and Soomin alone cannot stand up against Gaieshart, adds "Maiden of Folly「Eternis」" to his battle area as an attacker.
But on the next turn, with Gaieshart and LeBeau's strong firepower, Hinadori Rimu closes all 3 units on Nia's front row, including Aspida.
Not willing to be put into a corner, Nia aims to activate his "Cursed Scythe of Soul-severing".
However, Hinadori Rimu anticipates this and activates "Split Second Decision". This ends Gaieshart's turn and protects him from Cursed Scythe of Soul-severing's effect.
Nia's fourth shield, "Return to Nature", successfully removes Gaieshart from the field, but Hinadori Rimu then adds "Shadow Dragon「Gaetano」" to his forces, showing no mercy to his enemy.
On the next turn, Hinadori Rimu manages to set Gaieshart again using the SP he gained from Return to Nature. Now, he has both Gaetano and Gaieshart, two powerful Lawtia cards out on his field.
With only one thing left to do, Hinadori Rimu uses his 2 strongest units to completely overtake the battlefield and shave away at Nia's remaining LP.


And thus, Hinadori Rimu seized the champion's seat at the Allind Cup! Including his wins at the Zu-jyuva Cup and the Retear Cup, he is now the Lavart Grand Prix three-time reigning champion!


And while the crowd was still excited from the fierce matches, we moved right into the awards ceremony.
We had the manager of e-sports SQUARE AKIHABARA, Rikiya Hikita do the honors of presenting our winners with their prizes.


After another brilliant victory, and achieving his third champion title in a row, Hinadori Rimu received 300,000 JPY and 3 copies of all the premium cards for the Allind Cup season.


During our champion's interview, he revealed, "I really can't believe that I was able to win three consecutive tournaments. I will do my best to win my fourth title too." "Maybe I'll win the Legrye Cup and enter the four-time champion hall of fame. And then they'll ban me from participating in ranked matches again," he added with a laugh.


After we finished the live broadcast, all the participants and staff members gathered for a group photo. And with that, the "Lavart Grand Prix 2019 Allind Cup" came to a close.
Thank you to the tournament participants, the people who came all the way here to watch the tournament, and all of our Alteil fans!


We interviewed Hinadori Rimu, our new Lavart Grand Prix three-time reigning champion.

  • 雛鳥りむ 様アイコン
  • 雛鳥りむ 様

──Congratulations on your three consecutive victories. How do you feel about this incredible accomplishment?

I'm really happy I was able to win 3 tournaments in a row. Honestly, I still can't believe I managed to do it.

──Please tell us why you decided to use a "large-type" Lawtia deck with Gaieshart for the final match.

For my deck for the final match, I wanted to use a deck that would be able to properly go up against the top meta "Blue Soomin" and "Black Soomin" medium-type decks, and also be strong enough to go against other types of decks as well.

──Have you had any matches so far that have left an impression on you?

For today's tournament, it would be my semi-final match against Petal. I won the match because luck was on my side. Among all the tournament matches I have had up until now, this is the match I think I was the closest to losing. In terms of making for a good match, I think I utterly failed.
If I were to include all the tournament matches I've participated in up until now, then it would be my match against Nia during the Zu-jyuva Cup selection matches, and my match against I178 during the Retear Cup selection matches.
My match against Nia during the Zu-jyuva Cup selection matches left a really big impression on me because it was the only match where I aimed for a draw.
As for my match against I178 during the Retear Cup selection matches, it was very intense. I couldn't tell who would win until the very end because the match kept going back and forth. So I think that would be my best match so far.

──Thank you for participating in our interview.

Pictures and text by GM Michael